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    Maj General Zachary Taylor at Buena Vista

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    I need to write around 4 principles of mission command which are: Lead, Understand, Visualize describe and assess. Need to explain how he followed those principles during that battle.

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    Visualize: The visualization from Taylor in regard to the battle of Buena Vista entailed Taylor possessing the vision that he must establish strong defensive positions to attempt to negate the overwhelming numbers of troops possessed by the enemy. Taylor's troops were outnumbered four to one, but Taylor's ability to have the vision to deploy his outnumbered command in a mountain pass near the Hacienda Buena Vista after receiving word of the Mexican movement upon his position, gave his smaller numbers an opportunity to defend against seemingly insurmountable odds.

    Lead: Because of the nature of Taylor's ability to fearlessly lead his men, he was respected and celebrated by his soldiers, which followed his lead in the battle of Buena Vista. Taylor stood with his men as he from a strategic standpoint unwisely ordered his men to counter-attack the still-dangerous enemy during crucial portions of the battle causing him and his troops to run headlong into withering fire. ...

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    The solution uses 673 words to explain the 4 principles of mission command in this context: Lead, Understand, Visualize and Describe and Assess.