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    White Man's Burden

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    Please help answering the following three questions about the Kipling poem, "White Man's Burden":

    According to Kipling, and in your own words, what was the "White Man's Burden"?
    What reward did Kipling suggest the "White Man" gets for carrying his "burden"?
    Who did Kipling think would read his poem? What do you think that this audience might have said in response to it?

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    Kipling's warped, racist, and simplistic logic viewed the white man's burden as the burden of having to forcibly invade, subjugate, and terrorize other cultures so that they could "advance" in society. It's in accordance with the "manifest destiny" doctrine promulgated by those such as Theodore Roosevelt, a friend of ...

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    This solution looks into the meaning the Kipling poem ("White Man's Burden") would have held for the audience of its day. The answers involve the definition of "white man's burden," the reward he suggests white men get for carrying this burden, and the intended audience of the poem. The explanation is given in 209 words.