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Hemingway's Symbols in "Hills Like White Elephants"

Read Ernest Hemingway's "Hills Like White Elephants:"

1. What is the important choice these two people are talking about?

2. What is the mans attitude to this choice and how is it revealed?

3. What is the womans attitude to this choice and how is it revealed?

4. What may be the symbolic significance of Hills Like White Elephants?

5. Is the setting of this story symbolic of the lives of these characters?

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Please allow some of my notes to guide you:

First, the important choice is an abortion. The man's attitude toward this choice is pro the abortion; he supports and suggests it. Please note how he says, "It's an awfully simple operation Jig".... This quote shows how he tries to simplify the abortion both for himself and her. Please note his selfish, cruel, ...

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This posting briefly overviews basic character and symbol elements within Hemingway's piece. It is provided in about 252 words.