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Review of Hill like an elephant

Read "Hill Like An Elephant" by Ernest Hemingway (see the attachment) and write five short paragraphs:

I. Introduction with thesis statement.

II. Lack of communication

III. Alcohol abuse

IV. Non- Acceptance of charge

V. Conclusion


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First start by reading the passage and try to imagine you are sitting there with these two people. It is difficult from the passage to take it at face value, instead focus on the feelings and meanings behind the words. The problem you are presenting is essentially to fill in the words of a paper that is already outlined for you. I will not write the paragraphs for you but will attempt to give you the understanding and direction you need to write them yourself.

What is happening in the passage?
-Two people are sitting at an outside bar waiting for the train
-They occupy their time by idle chitchat (comments on the setting etc.) and ordering various drinks
-There is mention of a procedure, a loaming operation that should make everything all right again. However it is unclear whether or not this operation is actually beneficial
-The woman is doing the operation because she believes it is what the man wants
-The man wants to woman to be happy and believes she wants the operation in order to be happy
-The woman doesn't want to talk about it as if making the decision was hard enough that talking about it might make her reconsider.
-When the man mentions that it is impossible to make everything alright the woman starts to have second thoughts.
-When the man says that the operation means nothing to him the woman threatens to scream if he doesn't stop talking.
-Drinks are served and all is well

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