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    Apologizing for Covert Warfare

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    Should the US apologize to foreign nations, enemy and ally, for intercepting communications, or has history given appropriate reason to take such action?

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    This is an interesting question in the sense of focusing on the phrase "need to apologize" as you need to define or outline 'who' exactly is claiming the U.S. must do so.

    Is it coming from internal sources on the domestic home front...or from international sources? Who are the actual countries that are having their communications intercepted by the U.S?

    What about the idea that these same countries "need" to do the same to the U.S. by intercepting American communications? Does it make sense that they can do this to rest assured that if a given nation has had the technological capabilities to do so...it has done so?

    So there is this 'gotcha' game (you got caught, I got caught) going back and forth between countries in their ...

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    This solution discusses the ethical considerations of intelligence gathering by countries on their international enemies and allies.