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    Infiltration Tactics in Warfare

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    1. World War I brought the first large scale use of submarine warfare in conflict. What were the effects of this new type of warfare? Explain the meaning of "unrestricted" submarine warfare. What were the implications of sinking supply and troop ships at sea? How did this development influence future wars?

    2. Explain what "infiltration tactics" were in the context of World War I. Who initiated the use of these infiltration tactics and what was the end result of their development? Explain how armies prepared for the use of infiltration tactics and evaluate their impact on the conduct of World War I.

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    World war one was a truly unique war. The things that made the war unique were the advanced weapons as well as the application of outdated tactics and the development of new tactics for new weapons. This is where the submarine comes in and causing an immense amount of devastation and destruction. The concept of unrestricted warfare simply states that no targets are out of bounds. This is a very old doctrine which falls into the total war category.

    This doctrine for submarines meant that food, medical, supply, troop, and civilian transport were all targets for attack. The Germans sank over 11 million tons of shipping that is ...

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    The warfare of WW1 was new and fierce, old tactics were used against new weapons and new tactics were developed creating massive casualties on both sides. Creating a new type of warfare never seen before. These were the infiltration and covert actions of WW1.