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WWII: A Few Key Allied Effects and Successes

Present a unified analysis of the Military Experience on the War in Europe between 1944-1945. That emphasizes on the American position, the results of the campaign, and overall success for the Allies. That also includes the discussion of the following:
Battle of the Atlantic (1939, onward)
American bombing raids
Soviet troops liberate first concentration camp at Majdanek

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The war in Europe was obviously a trying time--in fact so devastating that many Americans initially expressed strong opposition to even entering the war. In reality, it was only due to American involvement that the British would not have succeeded otherwise. The American involvement can be traced definitively back to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, a day FDR would call the "day of infamy." At that point, when Americans saw how close to home and how ruthless the Japanese-German alliance could be, opposition practically ceased overnight.

Ironically, as it relates to your first point (the Battle of the Atlantic); ...

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Overall causes and viewpoints are discussed, including the effects of American involvement and Allied success.