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Macbeth and Human Nature

Shakespeare's Macbeth is often considered one of literature's greatest tragedies and is said to reveal much about human nature. Do you agree or disagree that the play conveys much about humanity or about the human experience? What, if anything, does the work suggest about human beings or society? Support your views with textual

Formulating a Response to Shakespeare's Othello

I need some help get started on the following: Discuss William Shakespeare's Othello, the Moor of Venice as a tragedy. As defined by Aristotle, is it correct to label Othello a "tragic hero" and to classify the play as an Aristotelian tragedy?

How is Othello Accessible to Us?

It has been argued that Othello is accessible to us today because of the issues of racism, love, betrayal, and jealousy. Pick one and explain why Othello is accessible to us.

Romeo & Juliet: Language

In regards to Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet, how does the relationship between desire (and its limitations) developed within and influenced by the language of the period within which the play was written?

Twelfth Night Language

How does the language of the play Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare shape reality and the characters of the play?

Shakespeare & Love

Shakespeare spends a lot of time on the theme of love. How is his perspective on love idealized? How is it realistic? What standards did you use to make this evaluation?

The Witches of Macbeth

Analyze Shakespeare's use of supernatural elements in 'Macbeth', i.e. his inclusion of the witches.

Coriolanus and Interpretations of Politics

This is a literary analysis of Coriolanus and Interpretations of Politics ('Who does the wolf love?')." Disowning Knowledge in Six Plays of Shakespeare by Stanley Cavell.

Tempest Staging

The Tempest and texts from the section "European Imperialism" Choose a dramatic moment in The Tempest. State how you would stage it, (who would you get to play each part, what time period would you set it in, costumes, scenery, etc...) and explain your choices.

Compare and Contrast Shakespearean Plays

I am trying to compare and contrast different aspects of Hamlet with parallels found in Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Twelfth Night, and Henry IV Part One.

"Twelfth Night" is explicated briefly in terms of delusions.

I know that in "Twelfth Night", Malvolio suffers from delusions. One is in thinking that he is beloved by Olivia. 1) What are the consequences of his delusion in thinking Olivia is in love with him? 2) What are some other examples of situations where he deludes himself? 3) How do Malvolio's delusions affect himself?

Shakespearean delusions are overviewed.

Shakespeare's plays often have characters who suffer from delusions in which they think they are something they are not. 1) Who are some of the characters from Shakespeare's plays who suffer from delusions? 2) What are examples of those delusions? 3) What consequences do they suffer as a result? 4) Do these charact

Hamlet Film Version notes

Hello, Using the 4 different versions of Hamlet on film (Mel Gibson, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Kline, and Kenneth Branagh), examine these elements: 1) Which films are the most accurate and why? 2) What parts in each film are the most glaring inaccurate and what were the significant changes?

Night and Day in Shakespeare's plays

In Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream, there is much focus on the interplay of night and day in the two plays. In R&J, there seems to be safety at night and the tragedies occur in the day and yet in MSND there is chaos at night and calm during the day. 1) I am looking for some other examples that I can relate to lo

Midsummer Night's Dream analysis

Courtney Lehmann argues about a production of Midsummer in which an attempt is made to produce a feminist point of view of the play. How would you adapt Midsummer to conform to the ideals and morals of today's society while still holding onto the integrity of the script? What specific changes would you do to character, costume,

Epic Theater as a Genre

Style Project: For this project you will teach the class about certain dramatic styles that many plays are written in. You will be an expert on this style. This means that you will need to discuss the tenets or philosophy of the style and what your particular style hopes or hoped to accomplish by writing in this way.. Why autho

Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act I Scene I, is briefly summarized.

I need help in gathering information on Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1, that does the following: Contains an introduction Analyzes the plot (or what part of the plot you think it is, rather), characters, setting, and note anything interesting about the dialogue. Uses at least five quotes from the play to support claims you make ab

Henry V as an inspiring speaker (Shakespeare)

Henry V can be an inspiring speaker; in fact, he inspires many people to be heroic in this play through his words. Look at the following speeches: 1.2.259ff, 3.1.1-17, 4.3.19ff, 4.1.212ff, 4.3.990ff. Would these speeches be inspiring to you? Why or why not? Also look at 3.3.7-26 and 5.2.132-176. Do they change your impression of