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    Women as Property in Shakespeare's "Othello"

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    Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca are treated as property throughout OTHELLO. Explain the meaning of this statement and why they are defined in terms of their relationship with men

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    Historically, women were treated as property up until the last century or so. This isn't something unique to Othello, or even Shakespeare. Rather it is an unfortunate conditon of most human societies. Desdemona was first the property of her father Brabantio, and then her husband, Othello. When he orders her to go to the bedroom and dismiss her maid, she does it, eve though she has a premonition that she's going to die and tells Emilia to wrap her in her wedding sheets. If both women had an idea that this was going to happen, why ...

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    An analysis of how female characters in Shakespeare's Othello are treated as property.