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    Tempest Staging

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    The Tempest and texts from the section "European Imperialism"

    Choose a dramatic moment in The Tempest. State how you would stage it, (who would you get to play each part, what time period would you set it in, costumes, scenery, etc...) and explain your choices.

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    Tempest Staging

    Hi there! Thanks so much for letting me respond to your post and offer you the best I can. I hope you find the content of this response most helpful for engaging the subject and recognizing your questions and opinions are worth sharing!

    Firstly, as far as the directions go, it's pretty clear you're being asked to direct and cast this as if it were a production of your own. That just means you have plenty of freedom to follow your instincts; the goal seems to be to get you used to identifying with the play?

    Secondly, as far as content ideas go, just as with any Shakespeare play there are many ...

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    Examines the Tempest and texts from the "European Imperialism".