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Henry V as an inspiring speaker (Shakespeare)

Henry V can be an inspiring speaker; in fact, he inspires many people to be heroic in this play through his words. Look at the following speeches: 1.2.259ff, 3.1.1-17, 4.3.19ff, 4.1.212ff, 4.3.990ff. Would these speeches be inspiring to you? Why or why not? Also look at 3.3.7-26 and 5.2.132-176. Do they change your impression of Henry V? Why?

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You're not asking for any specific kind of a response, so I'm going to assume you're asking for preparation for a classroom discussion. It wouldn't be possible to comment on every single one of these speeches, so I'm going to concentrate on two of them in particular. Please do not use any of my exact wording. However, analyzing Shakespeare can be quite intimidating, so I'm hoping this will get you started. I'm also going to include some summaries I found and their locations on the internet so that you can find them, too.

Act IV, Scene III: Summary,pageNum-149.html

In this scene, Henry's cousin Westmoreland is wishing for more soldiers to fight; it is Sunday, and they're not working ...

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Henry V's speeches (Shakespeare) and how they are inspiring are determined.