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    This solution discusses the leadership of Elizabeth I of England

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    Please discuss the life and leadership of Elizabeth I of England. Discuss the impact Elizabeth I had on England and explain her leadership style.

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    Elizabeth I of England

    In the year 1558 Elizabeth I ascended the throne of England. The England that Elizabeth became accountable for was poor, commercially and financially challenged, in a state of religious turmoil, and had little in the way of military prowess (Axelrod, 2000). For a young woman in her twenties, leading England must have seemed a daunting duty. However, Elizabeth's childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood were lessons in survival that helped sculpt the leader she became (Axelrod, 2000).

    The last in line of the Tudor monarchs, Elizabeth had a less than ideal rearing. Her father, Henry VIII, had a string of beheaded wives and an unpredictable personality. In spite of this, Henry VIII was charismatic and this is one gift that his daughter inherited from him (Axelrod, 2000). Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn, was beheaded on unfounded charges of adultery when Elizabeth was just a toddler. Deemed illegitimate by Henry's various schemes to fulfill his licentious inclinations, Elizabeth still received an exceptional education and could be considered the best educated woman of her time (Axelrod, 2000).

    Henry died when Elizabeth was a teenager, leaving her unhealthy younger brother, Edward, as king of England. Edward's reign was short and he died as a teenager. After Edward's death, his and Elizabeth's half-sister Mary came to the throne. Mary's governance proved to be a violent religious battle that left England divided and weak. During the years of Edward's and Mary's reigns, Elizabeth had to battle for her survival. She was constantly maneuvering to preserve her life. Elizabeth was forced early to learn lessons in survival and politics. These lessons, her forceful personality, intelligence, and outstanding education served her well as she became Queen of England (Axelrod, 2000).

    Today Elizabeth's reign is idealized as a golden period of English history. She became queen of a poor, uncultured, and religiously estranged island nation (Axelrod, 2000). Elizabeth I had some major issues to tackle as she took control of England. Foremost among these quandaries, was the religious division that her sister Mary had exacerbated. Coupled with the religious dissention in England, there were military issues with France and Spain. England also needed to expand its commerce, build a navy, and bolster its finances. While dealing with these dilemmas and many more, Elizabeth was constantly pressured to find a husband ...

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