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    Electrical Engineering

    BJT voltage noise

    Please see the attachment for circuit diagram, where R1 = 91k ohms R2 = 20k ohms Re = 1k ohms Rc = 5k ohms. Connect two identical amplifier stages like the one above in cascade (one after the another). What are the voltage gain and input and output impedances of the combination? Assume that the circuit is driven from a

    Spectrum Analyzer: Signal waveform, Pulse width

    A spectrum analyzer is connected to an unknown signal. The spectrum analyzer displays the power level of signals in dBm vertically and frequency horizontally. The spectrum of the unknown signal creates the following display: A continuous spectrum that is completely filled so no lines are visible. The spectrum has a sin X

    Invesitagtion of Intermodulation through an amplifier

    An amplifier is designed to handle frequencies around 9 GHz. The bandwidth of the amplifier is 2 GHz with a center frequency of 9 GHz. Two signals are input to the amplifier. It is observed with a spectrum analyzer that many spurious responses exist. Two spurs are measured at 9.9 GHz and 8.1 GHz. If these responses are due to ni

    Suppose two pure sinusoid tones are input to an amplifier.

    Suppose two tones are input to an amplifier. The tones are pure sinusoids with one at frequency 5 GHz and the other at frequency 5.02 GHz. Assume that the transfer characteristic of the amplifier is represented by Vout (please refer to the attachment for details). List the output frequencies of all 3rd order (those near 15 GH

    BJT Circuit and Maximum Range of Collector Voltage

    1. Choose values of R1, R2, Rc and Re to give 1 volt at the emitter and 5 volts at the collector for a typical beta transistor with 1 mA collector current at room temperature, and state them. What is the collector voltage with your values for a minimum typical device, a maximum current gain device, and at 100 °C for a typical d

    Understanding low, high and band pass filters

    1. A signal in the IF section of an FM radio receiver occupies the frequency band 10.61 MHz to 10.79 MHz. Compute the bandwidth of this signal. 2. A signal in the IF section of an FM radio receiver occupies the frequency band 10.61 MHz to 10.79 MHz. There is another FM signal occupying the frequency range 11.01 MHz to 11.19 M

    Fourier Series for Sawtooth Waveform

    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible. Obtain a Fourier series for the sawtooth waveform in attachment. Please base your answer on the integrals mentioned in the attachment. See the attached file.

    Fourier Series: Even and Odd Functions

    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible. Compare the values of f(x) and f(-x) to show which of the following are odd, even or neither. Give a reason for each. Please see the attachment for complete question.

    Insertion Loss of T-Network

    Given the transmission matrix, calculate the insertion loss of the T-network. Please refer to the attachment for the matrix and the network diagram. I have provided the formula I am working from but I normally prefer a completely different set of workings to provide a good base for comparison/improvement to my own methods.

    Phase change down the transmission line and the input impedance to the line

    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible. (a) A transmission line has a length, l, of 0.4 lambda. Determine the phase change that occurs down the line. (b) A 50 Ohm lossless transmission line of length 0.4 lambda is terminated in a load of (40 + 30j) Ohm. Determine, using the equation given below

    Two-Port Network, Z-Parameter Matrix

    Please see the attachment for mentioned network and circuit diagrams. 1. Find the z-parameters of the two-port network below. 2. In the circuit below, the two-port network TPN can be represented by the z-parameters shown. a. Represent the complete circuit by a z-parameter matrix. b. State if the complete circuit is rec

    Mesh currents

    Please see attachment for questions with mentioned figures. Please show good process of solving mesh current in circuits. Consider the circuit shown in Figure P1-14. Find the unknown currents I1, I2 and the voltage across the resistance R. Refer to the circuit shown in Figure P2-14. What are the currents I2 and I3?

    Delta to Wye Conversion

    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible. By applying a star-to-delta conversion on Z3, Z4 and Z5, determine the input impedance, Z_IN, to the circuit. Use the impedance values given in the table. Please see the attachment for complete question.

    Design a Variable Frequency Divider, and a Mod-31 LFSR Counter using AHDL.

    Activity 3: (Problem 14A.6) Design a variable frequency divider using AHDL. The frequency divider should divide the input frequency by one of four different factors. The divide-by-factor is controlled by two mode controls, as described by the following function table. The mode controls are used to change the modulus of the

    Digital Communications

    Order the following modulation types in terms of spectral efficiency (best to worse) and explain why (be specific, show a number and how you got it): 64-QAM, QPSK, 8-PSK, and BPSK. Assume that the r=0, perfect filtering.

    Outgoing traffic intensity and the number of channels.

    A telephone switching board can handle 120 phones. Assuming the following, and determine the outgoing traffic intensity and the number of channels. * On average 5 calls/hour per phone * 60% of all calls made are external * Average call duration time is 4 minutes * GoS = 0.9%

    Erlang B chart find the traffic intensity

    A single GSM service provider supports 10 digital speech channels. Assume the probability of blocking is 1.0%. From the Erlang B chart find the traffic intensity and determine how many 3 minute calls this represents: a) 20 calls b) 100 calls c) 50 calls d) 240 calls

    Cantilever and Strain Gauge

    Please refer to the attached pdf file for complete question with mentioned figures and tables. 1. The cantilever and strain gauge act as the transducer in a force-measuring instrumentation system as shown in FIGURE 2. An applied force FT (the true force) is the input to the system and the output is FM (the measured force). Id

    Laplace Transform, Inverse Laplace Transform, Total response of the current

    Please show step-by-step how to solve the problems in the attached file. The problems include - Finding the Laplace Transform and Inverse Laplace Transform. - Determining whether a system with the given voltage and current in the Laplace domain is resistive, capacitive, or inductive. - Determining whether a given system is da

    Modern Communications

    1. Explain in your own words why standards are so important. 2. List 3 standards used in IT and briefly describe them and what they regulate. 3. Describe in you own words how a modem works and what steps the data goes through to be sent from one terminal to another via modem. 4. What can affect /deter modem communicatio

    Electrical signal feedback, Public Address system, Howling

    Please answer the following questions. (a) It is found that if a microphone is brought into the proximity of a loudspeaker on a public address (P.A.) system, the system will `howl'. Carefully explain, making reference to feedback theory, why this is so. (b) Suggest two actions that could be adopted to remedy the howling. (c

    Example of Infared PLCP Frame

    The diffused infrared PHY layer convergence procedure standards (PLCP) reformats the data received from the MAC layer into a frame that the physical medium dependent sublayer can transmit. Give an example of an infrared PLCP frame illustrating its component parts and the function of each part.