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RLC Circuit

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Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible.

The diagram in the attachment is a tuned circuit with Q-factor of 1000 and is designed to resonate at 1 MHz. At resonance the supply current (I) is measured as 16 muAmp for a supply voltage (Vs) of 2.5 V. The load resistor Rl is 10 kOhm.

a) Calculate the bandwidth and half-power frequencies of the tuned circuit.
b) If C is set to 1 nF, calculate the values of R and L.
c) Estimate the impedance offered to the supply at resonance and at a frequency of +- 2% from resonance (use a `narrow-band' approximation to find the impedance of the L-RC circuit).
d) Estimate the magnitude of the voltage Vo at resonance and at frequency of +- 2% from resonance.

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I am having trouble with #27, I need a mapped out way to get the answers to match the back of the book.

Note: you need to use the RLC circuit in # 14 (the one in the right column) to obtain the answers in#27

27. Consider the series RLC circuit of problem 14. The voltage amplitude of the source is 150 V.
(a) At what angular frequency is the circuit resonance?
(b) Sketch the phasor diagram at the resonance angular frequency.
c) What is the reading of each voltmeter in Figure 22.22 when the source frequency equals the resonance voltages.
d) What is the resonance angular frequency if the resistance is reduced to 100 ohms?
e) what is then the rms current at resonance?

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