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    RLC Circuit

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    Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible.

    The diagram in the attachment is a tuned circuit with Q-factor of 1000 and is designed to resonate at 1 MHz. At resonance the supply current (I) is measured as 16 muAmp for a supply voltage (Vs) of 2.5 V. The load resistor Rl is 10 kOhm.

    a) Calculate the bandwidth and half-power frequencies of the tuned circuit.
    b) If C is set to 1 nF, calculate the values of R and L.
    c) Estimate the impedance offered to the supply at resonance and at a frequency of +- 2% from resonance (use a `narrow-band' approximation to find the impedance of the L-RC circuit).
    d) Estimate the magnitude of the voltage Vo at resonance and at frequency of +- 2% from resonance.

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