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Transmission Line

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Please show as much working as possible and comment where possible.

(a) A transmission line has a length, l, of 0.4 lambda. Determine the phase change that occurs down the line.

(b) A 50 Ohm lossless transmission line of length 0.4 lambda is terminated in a load of (40 + 30j) Ohm. Determine, using the equation given below, the input impedance to the line.

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A transmission line of length l, characteristic impedance Z0 = 100 Ohm, and one-way time of flight T = l/c is connected at z=0 to a 100 volt DC battery through a series source resistance Rs = 100 Ohm and a switch. The z=l end is loaded by a 300 Ohm resistor.

a) The switch at the z=0 end has been closed for a very long time so that the system is in the DC steady state. What are the values of the positive and negative traveling wave voltage amplitudes V{subscript}+ (z-ct) and V{subscript}_ (z+ct)?

Please see the attachment for circuit diagram.

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