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AC Power and Transmission Lines

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An AC power generating station provides single phase power to a consumer 100 the generator end of the voltage at miles away, over a transmission line. The voltage at the consumer end of the line is 10KV. The consumer uses exactly 100K watts of power at the distant end. If the wire in the transmission line has a resistance of 0.05Ohms per 1000 feet of cable, how much AC power must the generator produce in order to deliver 100Kwatts of AC power to the consumer? What is the transmission line?

My assumptions:
My question is what is the "distant end?" where does the distance of 100 miles and 1000 feet come in?

Specifically, what equations would be helpful to use to determine the AC power to the consumer and the voltage at the generator end of the transmission line? I don't know where to begin.

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We can construct a simple circuit according to the problem. Rcable represents the resistance of the cable while the other ...

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