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Invesitagtion of Intermodulation through an amplifier

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An amplifier is designed to handle frequencies around 9 GHz. The bandwidth of the amplifier is 2 GHz with a center frequency of 9 GHz. Two signals are input to the amplifier. It is observed with a spectrum analyzer that many spurious responses exist. Two spurs are measured at 9.9 GHz and 8.1 GHz. If these responses are due to ninth order effects, what are the frequencies of the two input signals?

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Wanted frequency is assumed to be amplifier center frequency i.e. f(w) = 9 GHz.

2 Spurious signals (nth order, n = 9) are at f(l) = 8.1 GHz and f(h) = 9.9 GHz.

From superposition theory 9th order effects exist at frequencies of f(w) ± (n-1)f(u) ...

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Characterisitics of an amplifier are considered including its spurious output frequencies and considering 9th order effects the input frequencies causings these spurs determined