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    BJT Circuit

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    Please see the attachment for circuit diagram, where

    R1 = 91k ohms
    R2 = 20k ohms
    Re = 1k ohms
    Rc = 5k ohms.

    Connect two identical amplifier stages like the one above in cascade (one after the another). What are the voltage gain and input and output impedances of the combination? Assume that the circuit is driven from a 50 Ohm source resistance generator. What is the (rms) voltage noise (referred to the input of the first stage) for a bandwidth from 1 kHz to 11 kHz frequency? What is the total noise referred to the output (of the second stage)? Your calculation of noise should be accurate to about 10%.

    Use spice if necessary.

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    Solution: Since the values for the resistances and the transistors for the cascaded amplifiers are correspondingly identical, we'll use the computed values of the previous problem as our ...

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