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Two Stage BJT Design

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Design two stage amplifier and provide the hand calculation and draw the ac analysis and dc analysis with the following specification (see attachment):

Small signal gain >100
Input resistance Ri > 2kΩ
Output resistance Ro < 1 kΩ
Use BJT with b=100 and ignore (ro).
resistance RL= 10kΩ.
Single supply voltage of VCC= 6 V
Input voltage (vi) and the internal resistance RS
vi =0.01 sin(Ωt) and RS = 500Ω.

Hints: you should use common emitter followed by common collector to meet this requirement. Your circuit will be similar to the attached file#1.use pi model for easier analysis.you may assume some value of resistance or current to start with if u need like RC or current IE.

Hand calculation the most important..Ri and Ro Vo/vi for example.

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Solution Summary

AC and DC analysis of a two stage amplifier is discussed in the solution.

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