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Electrical Engineering

Capacitor and electric automobile

We want to store sufficient energy in a .01-F capacitor to supply 5-hp for 1 hour. To what voltage must the capacitor be charged? (1 hp=745.7 watts). Does this seem to be a practical method for storing this amount of energy? Do you think that an electric automobile based on capacitive energy storage is feasible?

''AND'' / ''OR'' GATES

Three two-input "AND" gates have their outputs connected to an "OR" gate. The first "AND" gate has each of its inputs at logic HIGH level. The second "AND" gate has each of it's inputs at logic LOW level. The third "AND" gate has one input at logic HIGH level, and the other input at logic LOW level. What is the output of the "OR

Systems & simulation analysis using Simulink

The cart in figure 1 rests on a ramp which is inclined 30 degrees with respect to the horizontal. At t=0s the cart is released from rest(i.e with no initial velocity). As indicated, the air resistance is proportional to the velocity squared. See attached

J-K Flip-flops

Using negative edge triggered J-K flip-flops, design a 3-bit synchronous sequence generator to generate the following sequence: 0,1,3,6,0..... 1. Draw up a table showing the input requirements on the J & K terminals for the four possible changes of state at the output. The table should be headed: PRESENT Q, NEXT Q, INPUTS J

Complex impedance and phase angle

Refer to diagram in attached file. 1. Derive an expression for the complex impedance between terminals A&B referring to the reactances as Xc & XL. Express the answer in the form of (real part + j * imaginary part) 2. Calculate the phase angle of the current I relative to the voltage Vin for a source frequency of 3kHz(must

Wireless Networks Question

Please help with the following problem. Mobile IP was intended to work with legacy correspondent hosts and legacy applications. However, some advantages may be gained if correspondent hosts are aware of mobility in certain ways. a) If a correspondent host is able to do IP-in-IP decapsulation, it may be able to communicate

Calculating the Maximum Calling Rate

You have a bandwidth of 10 MHz (per direction) in a single-cell system and want to deploy a wireless telephone system. You have the following options: analog 30-kHz channels (as in AMPS), digital 30-kHz channels (each supporting 3 users as in IS-54), digital 200-kHz channels (each supporting 8 users as in GSM), or CDMA with 10-k

Wireless Networks Questions

You want to download a 5 Mbit file over a 10-Mbps Rayleigh fading channel in the 1800 MHz frequency band. You are traveling at 6 km/h and use 1000-bit packets. The fading margin of the channel is 20 dB. If any packet is received in error during the transfer, the operation is aborted. (a) What is the probability that you successf

Frequency Domain Design

Find the relationship between the phase margin (on the Inverse Nichols Chart) and the damping of the closed loop poles (Full problem description found in attached .doc file)

PI controller and Nyquist analysis

(Complete problem with equations found in attachment) Problem 1 A very common industrial controller is the proportional and integral (PI) controller. It has a transfer function, , kp is the proportional gain, Ti is the "reset time" For an integrating process, P(s) = 2/s, investigate the positive root locus for

State space model of a biological conservation system

A game reserve has two grass fields separated by a crocodile infested river. Buck live on both sides of the river... Conserved Variable = State Variables which are defined... See attached file for full problem description.

Using the Node Equation

If I were to use the node equation, how do I go about including the dependent sources in the equation. Please view the attachment.

Solving an Equation with Complex Numbers

Solve the equation z^2+z+1=0 using z=(x,y) and the basic definitions. (Hint: Note that y does not equal 0 because the equation X^2+X+1 does not equal 0 for any real number x.) a. z1=--1+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-1/2-j(Sqrt3)/2 b. z1=-1/2+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-1/2-j(Sqrt3)/2 c. z1=-1/3+j(Sqrt3)/2 and z2=-j(Sqrt3)/2 d. z1=3/2+j(Sqrt3)

Solving a Complex Number Equation

Solve the equation z^2= -1 using z=(x,y) and the basic definitions. a. z=(0,2),(0,-2) b. z=(1,0),(-1,0) c. z=(4,0),(-1,0) d. z=(0,1),(0,-1)

Speedup and Efficiency

Question: Given 100 processors for a computation with 5% of the code that cannot be paralleled, compute the speedup and efficiency.

SEC Code Check Bits

How many check bits are needed for a SEC code for an initial word size of 1024?

Saturated NPN Transistor

A saturated npn transistor has a base to emitter applied voltage of 0.6V. The collector to emitter voltage is 0.2V. The collector current is 12mA. The beta value of the transistor is 30. What is the emitter current?

Important Information About RC Series Circuit

An RC series circuit has a voltage source of 10Vac, a resistor of 10ohms, and a capacitor with an impedance of -j10ohms. How do I find the magnitude and phase angle of the current flow through the capacitor?

Digital Signal Processing - Resulting Frequency Response

(a) Design a lowpass FIR digital filter using "remez" routime in Matlab for the following specifications: filter duration = 15 (order 14), passband = [0.0, 0.4], stopband = [0.6, 1.0], sampling rate = 2.0, magnitude desired = [2.0, 0.0] (passband, stopband), equal weight of deviation. List any noticeable features that you

Tune PI Parameters

Question: Given are the facts that Gc and Gp(s) are in series and Gp(s) = (K * Km) / [s[(Ls+R)(Js+b) + K^2m)]]. - K=5; Km=0.5; L=0.001; R=1; J=0.003; b=0.1 Using the trail and error method, tune the PI parameters so they meet these requirements: Steady state error = 0, Settling time <= 0.5s, and Overshot <=20%.

Solving for Digital Signal Processing

Question: Consider the signal: x(n)={1,0,-1,2,3} Fourier transform X(w)=Xreal(w)+j(Xi(w)). Determine and represent the signal y(w) that gives the fourier transform of Y(w)=Xi(w)+Xreal(w)e^exp(j2w).

Interpreting a Step Signal

Please see the attachment. The image is described by y(t)=t-tu(t-1)-t(u(t-2))+t(u(t-3)). I don't get this. Please point out where the signal turns on and off and why. To me, it looks like a ramp, a step, and then a ramp with neg amplitude. I can do the rest of the problem, i.e. the laplace transform and the other parts

Design a series controller

The process of a unity-feedback control system has the transfer function 100 Gp(s) = ------------------------ s^2 + 10 s + 100 Design a series controller (a PD, PI or PID) so that the following performance specifications are satisfied. Steady-state error due to a step i

Autocorrelation and Tao

I have a question from my ECE 302 class regarding the mean of a random process given a particular autocorrelation function in terms of tao. I know Variance=(mean-square)-(mean)^2 and I know that the (mean-square)=autocorrelation function with tao set to 0, but I don't know how to get the mean if I don't know the variance of

Transfer Function Analysis for a Unity Feedback System

For a unity feedback system with open-loop transfer function, G(s) = K(s+alpha)/(s^2 + 4s + 1): a) Find all values of alpha such that the system is stable for K = 2. b) If the unity feedback closes around this G(s) and an input is a unit step r(t) = 1u(t), what is the stead-state error, e_ss, as a function of alpha and K? c)

Thevenin Equivalent Voltage

A resistor, R, was connected to a circuit box as shown. The voltage, v, was measured. The resistor was changed, and the voltage was measured again. The results are shown in the table. Determine the Thevenin equivalent voltage vt of the circuit within the box. Determine the Thevenin equivalent resistance Rt of the circuit?