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    Analyze a given transfer function by using MATLAB

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    Consider the system given by the following transfer function:
    H(s)= (242.5(s+8)/((s+2)[((s+4)^2)+81](s+10))

    a. Identify the poles and zeros of the system. You may use MATLAB to help you with this if you would like.
    b. Is the system stable? Why or why not?
    c. Determine the steady-state value for the step response.
    d. Use Simulink to simulate the step response. Use the 'Zero-Pole' continuous model for the system with a gain of 242.5. For the sink, you can use the step function provided. Be sure to submit your model along with a plot of the output either from the scope or the simout variables (be sure to select Array for the simout Save Format).
    e. Is the steady-state value from the simulation the same as your answer in part c?
    f. Is the response more like a first-order system or a second-order system?

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