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    Voltage Out and Voltage In Calculations

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    In the schematics, ground and chassis may be assumed to be common, unless specifically stated otherwise. Unless otherwise specified, assume that Op-Amps are ideal and that supply voltages are +/- 15 V.

    3. Given that:
    VD1 = 0.7V at ID1= 1 mA, n = 1 for diode D1
    R1 = 500 ohms, R2 = 100 ohms, and Rl = 10 kilo-ohms
    Vt = 25 mV
    VDD = 10V

    a, What is the small signal gain, Vout/Vin?
    b. If the supply voltage VDD is changed to 15 V what is the small signal gain, Vout/Vin?

    See attachment for diagram and better symbol representation

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