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    Engaging Students and Motivation

    21st Century Classroom

    Identify and describe a major force that can impact curriculum in the 21st century. Cite the source(s) for your identification of that force. Describe how it might affect curriculum and, in turn, influence social change. The force can be social, political, or economic, or come from developments in areas such as learning theory o

    Does a Teacher Need to be a Master in their Subject?

    Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 200 words in the solution. "Being an effective teacher or leader absolutely requires knowledge and mastery of your subject matter and a sincere belief that it is valuable enough to your class that you look them in the eye, use no notes, and make the listeners feel impo

    Philosophy, Vision, and Definition of Curriculum

    Assuming the role of curriculum director for a school, describe your philosophy of curriculum, your vision for the work of the curriculum department, and your definition of curriculum. How can you be prepared for a paradigm shift from old ways of doing things to one of becoming a teacher leader- facilitating learning? In ad

    Engaging Students and Motivation

    What are the methods recommended in the motivation and self-regulation theories What is ARCS in regards to motivational design. How is it used in regards to self regulation. How would this motivational theory be used to guide student success

    Collaborative Group Conflict Example

    What type of conflict has occurred in a collaborative group in which you were a member? How was the conflict handled? In what ways may the conflict have been better managed?

    Effective implementation of professional teaching programs

    I need help please in : Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper, in which you do the following: · Identify a teacher from the Virtual School whose instruction would benefit from attending a Professional Development Session. · Select a task-specific seminar in your district, state, or online that you would rec

    Intervention, Coaching, and Monitoring

    Hi, just need your input with these DQ's. What do you think are the five most important characteristics of a successful intervention? What are the similarities and differences between coaching and mentoring? What do you think is the most appropriate for your work setting? Why?

    Empowerment: Celebrating Youth

    A student has come to you with a concern or problem that they have identified in their community or school. In order to prevent falling into the trap of solving the problem 'for' them, you decide to work 'with' them by providing empowering resources that outline how they can start to solve the problem themselves. Using the requi

    Creating a Community Infographic

    In support of your written analysis, and using your research from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Fact Finder, Pew Research Center, and the National Center for Education Statistics, create a basic info-graphic picture of your community and embed it into your analysis as a chart supporting your written analysis. Your infographi

    Gauging the Effectiveness of an Intervention

    When an intervention is implemented there must be some type of assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. Please tell me about a time an intervention was implemented, evaluated, monitored and assessed to determine the overall effectiveness of the intervention? What was the outcome? What problems may occur i

    Levels of Motivation

    Compare and contrast the levels of motivation (affective, psychomotor, and cognitive). How does each level relate to identifying a performance gap?

    Coaching/Mentoring Matrix

    Discuss experiences in a coaching or mentoring situation. Select one coaching or mentoring experience and brainstorm the following: What were ways in which the coach or mentor created awareness? How were realistic goals and objectives established? What type of action plan was developed? How were modeling and motivation str

    Case Study: Challenges in the Classroom of a High Need School

    Loren is in her first year teaching in a high need school, with three months left until the end of the academic year. She implements fun and engaging activities in class and offers tutoring 3-4 times a week; however, one third of her students failed the last grading period. Several of these students consistently break establishe

    Constructivist Model and Motivation

    Ricky is an 11th grade P.E. teacher in Colorado, as part of the physical education standards, Ricky must time his students periodically in the mile run. He has students of all ability levels and so as he begins to plan out his year. He is struck by the challenge of motivating each student to improve in the mile. He wants all his

    Strategies for Engaging a Gifted Learner

    Marcos teaches an 8th grade Math class at a small town in Utah. The school he teaches has a total student population of 143 students, includes his 8th grade class. He has a room filled with various ability levels, from struggling through advanced. His highest achieving student Julia is routinely bored with the lessons as her ski

    Strategies for Engaging Students

    Robert teaches 4th grade math in Colorado. He is very creativity in the classroom and constantly works to include paired and group activities to keep his students engaged. Still, he has to lecture his students from time to time and he has found that his students seem bored when he is speaking in front of them. As a student, Robe

    Activating Prior Knowledge in the Classroom

    Lori is a 9th grade math teacher at a small middle school that serves a farming community. She has worked at the school for 5 years and has learned that it is a community that thrives on three things: family, farming, and football. Every boy growing up in town has aspirations of varsity football glory, but most will end up spend

    Multiple Intelligences

    Review the information on Multiple Intelligences (http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/what.cfm) and click on the "Take a Test" tab. Complete the test and view your results. Share your results with your classmates. How will the results impact your own choices for learning? Do you believe

    Potential Factors in Participation in Adult Education

    Johnstone and Rivera's research identifies ten potential barriers to the pursuit of adult education and clusters them into two categories. Discuss some of those barriers and the categories to which those researchers assign them. Conversely, what are some of the reasons why adults might want to participate in general education?

    Reflective Learning

    Why would these three; nurturance in families, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and values, beliefs,and attitude be significant items?

    Exposure to Media

    How does exposure to media influence the manner in which adolescents develop? For example, is there evidence that adolescents are influenced to engage in risky behavior by being exposed to images of such behavior? frame your response within Bandura's or Erikson's theories. Use references and examples from the media (film, books,

    Behavior Disorder Role-Play

    Behavior Disorder Role-Play â?¢ Write a role-play dealing with a student with a behavior disorder in the classroom The disorder that I picked is Autism.

    Methods of assessment

    Select one method of assessment that is most effective for each purpose, 1 through 9 (in your opinion). Provide written justification for your selected method of assessment under the rationale column. Your justification must demonstrate understanding of the assessment. ** See ATTACHED Word document for actual table/matrix *

    Fundamentals of management

    Task Name: Phase 3 Individual Project Deliverable Length: 10-15 PowerPoint slides (excluding reference and title slides) with speaker notes Details: Library Research Assignment Mrs. Jones explains to you that the board wants you to prepare a presentation discussing leadership and the theories behind it. The presentation shoul