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Gauging the Effectiveness of an Intervention

When an intervention is implemented there must be some type of assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention. Please tell me about a time an intervention was implemented, evaluated, monitored and assessed to determine the overall effectiveness of the intervention? What was the outcome?

What problems may occur if the performance management process is implemented poorly?

What are three ways in which performance management is related to human performance technology?

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Planning, implementing, and evaluating an intervention can be difficult especially for someone who has never been involved in such an effort. I remember a time where the English department of where I worked in was not seeing an overall improvement in student performance when it came to essay writing, so an intervention was necessary to find the problem and develop strategies to correct the situation. At first, the problem had to be clearly identified and participants within the department had to work together to identify exactly what was wrong and how this was going to be corrected. It was decided after lengthy discussions that since many of the students within the department were freshmen who just graduated from high school, they did not learn the basic skills needed to do even the most basic of college writing in high school. So instead of relying on high schools to provide this skill, we had to set different goals and objectives for our own curriculum by reviewing basic writing strategies with students for the first few classes of the semester and then providing on-going periodic assessment of these skills to see if students were continuing to practice the skills that they were taught at the beginning of the ...

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