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    Constructivist Model and Motivation

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    Ricky is an 11th grade P.E. teacher in Colorado, as part of the physical education standards, Ricky must time his students periodically in the mile run. He has students of all ability levels and so as he begins to plan out his year. He is struck by the challenge of motivating each student to improve in the mile. He wants all his students to feel motivated to improve. The mile run will be tested three times, once at the beginning of school, then in the middle of the year, and once by the end of the school year.

    My questions are:

    Using a constructivist model, how can Ricky structure the year so that his students will be motivated to improve their times when they run?

    What can Ricky do to ensure that students at every ability level are challenged at their skill level but also pushed to improve?

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    Constructivism is a model that focuses on students making meaning of their world. The constructivist classroom is one in which students build on their existing knowledge and build on to that knowledge through experiences in authentic settings. In this way, Ricky must structure his year so that students are acknowledged for the skills in running that they possess when they start the year and that they are encouraged to improve their performance by making running a practical and desirable skill through real-world experiences.

    In order to do this, Ricky will need to start the year with a pre-test to see how each of his ...