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    Environmental Studies

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    Handling a Diesel Spill

    As the environmental manager of a facility that has just experienced a diesel spill from a UST, what must you do? You are also interested in new or emerging remediation technologies and have been looking for the opportunity to try one. What also might you do?

    Environmental Law Review

    Give a description of your law. Including date the law was passed and any background information that you can find on why this law was passed (what spurred the law). Do you feel that this particular environmental law outweighs the costs? Has this environmental law improved the environment/situation?

    Fire Safety

    What steps do I take to create a fire safety / emergency management document? Would appreciate your assistance and /or guidance.

    Environmental Science in Today's World

    You decided to post the following provocative statement on your website this week for discussion, "In a market economy, food flows in the direction on economic demand. Need is not taken into consideration. To illustrate, in the event that there are hungry cats and hungry children, the food will go to the cats if the owners of th

    Environmental Compliance Specialist (Area)

    FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Performs activities associated with the environmental program for an area to implement environmental programs and to maintain compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws and regulations related to environ

    A new restaurant chain needs help

    Please show how you arrived at your recommendations A new restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest, interested in making their operations environmentally friendly, has asked your advice about two measures: a. They are considering using some synthetic building materials, which require relatively more energy and nonrenewabl

    Describe public rangelands, stating which government agencies administer them in the U.S. What is the carrying capacity of a rangeland and what results when this capacity is exceeded?

    Describe public rangelands, stating which government agencies administer them in the U.S. What is the carrying capacity of a rangeland and what results when this capacity is exceeded? Discuss the energy and nutrients needed for humans to have a balanced diet. Include the roles played by various biological molecules in your d

    Resolution of issues pertaining to e-waste

    What would you recommend to improve the resolution of the issues pertaining to e-waste? How would manufacturers, government, businesses, individuals play a role in resolving the e-waste problem.

    Environmental Mindmap Case Study

    I have to create a mindmap based on a case study from the text book Watersheds 3 (Chapter 8) I was unable to attach the chapter for your reference, but I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions for creating a mindmap and maybe an example. My mindmap needs to focus on humans, animals, and the natural environment and h

    Electronic Waste

    I need to describe the historical development of e-waste and I'm having a very hard time finding any information that specifically covers the historical development of this issue.

    Environmental Ethical Theories Table

    Below is a list of Ethical Theories or Perspective: I need to fill in a theories table by answering the following three questions for each theory 1) Associated Time Period/Individual(s) 2) Major Tenets 3) Sample Application Ethical Theory or Perspective Biocentric Ethics- Holism- Ecocentric Ethics T

    Enviromental Science

    As an enviromental science teacher, how would you respond to somone who tells you that we should not worry about air pollution becasue through natural selection, the human species will develop lungs that can detoxify pollutants?

    Role of Education

    What is the role of education in changing individual values, attitudes, and practices toward a healthier global environment?

    Environmental Science

    Your comments to the editor of your favorite magazine intrigued her enough to call you and request that you write an editorial, for which, you note with a little surprise, you will be well-paid. She provides you with two topics which she feels would be of great interest to readers. Select one of the following issues and write an

    Environmental Safety and Keeping Measurements

    Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Temp, and relative humidity I am hoping someone can help me verbally write why it is important to measure CO2, temp and relative humidity in an office environment- for occupational health and safety reasons What do fluctuations in these parameters mean and what they could cause if they fall outside their

    biodiversity, sustainability, and the demographic transition

    1. The population profiles for developed and developing countries are fundamentally different. What are the differences? Define the epidemiological transition and the fertility transition and relate them to the four phases of the demographic transition. Different regions of the world are in different phases of the demogr

    Environmental Science

    Speculate as to the liklehood that the environmental revolution would result in no environmental problems. Is it possible for organisms to not produce waste? When is waste a problem? Think about nutrient cycling and when problems are created in a nutrient cycle.

    Environmental Contaminate Paper Topic Advice Needed

    I am looking for an O.T.A to assist me in picking an essay topic for my Environmental Management class. The topic has to be on - A contaminant and it's effect on groundwater and the surrounding soil. It can be scneario based, or simply informational based. Classmates of mine have picked topics such as, The Exxon Valdez spil

    Should ferrets be allowed in continuing care facilities?

    I have a short assignment and am having fun researching. However, I always like to be a little different and was hoping a T.A might have new insight into the question. Thus far... those little ferrets are dirty little buggers. "Write a letter responding to a request from the Big Town Ferrets Association that has request