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Ferret Care

I have a short assignment and am having fun researching. However, I always like to be a little different and was hoping a T.A might have new insight into the question.

Thus far... those little ferrets are dirty little buggers.

"Write a letter responding to a request from the Big Town Ferrets Association that has requested the Regional Health Authority to permit ferrets to take part in continuing care facilities pet therapy programs."

I have to answer these questions.
1.You have to make a decision based on facts and research (you own opinion is not good enough); i.e., you need to provide references- can't use ".com" webpages
2.also refer to available "guidelines" for this purpose
3.you might want to compare qualities between these new "kids" with other animals that have been regular participants in pet therapy;
4.disease transmission potential as compared to the regulars

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This question is near and dear to my heart, because I am a ferret lover and a ferret owner. As far as resources, I cannot recommend any books, but there is a website ferretcentral.org that might be very useful to you. While you may not be able to cite the website per se, there are various articles written by professionals (mostly veterinarians) that you may be able to use. You may also find references to books that you can then ...

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The question of whether or not ferrets should be allowed in continuing care facilities is discussed.