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Environmental Studies

Waste and Green Intelligence

1.What waste disposal methods are available to humans and how might they be more effective? What initiatives or incentives could governments create to better equip citizens for managing their own waste, garbage, and recyclables? 2. Define the main goals and strategies of green intelligence. Do you think market-based appro

Tropical Rain Forests Sumatra

Addressing a tropical rain forest of Sumatra, discuss: 1. What an individual can do to help preserve the diversity of the area. 2. What additional measures to insure the preservation of the property would you propose? 3. What will be lost if intrusion goes unchecked? Appeal to the biological diversity. Use at least

Environmental Issues: Indoor & Outdoor Air Pollution

I need a detailed explanation and assessment of current environmental issues: Indoor Air Pollution and Outdoor Air Pollution. I need to find out the law that has been enacted to protect the public regarding the environmental issue. After finding the law, I need to explain the purpose of the law and what impact does

Ethics and Endangered Species

Do some research on your own about endangered species of animals and plants and think about the biological, ethical and economic aspects of the problem. * What responsibilities do we, as humans, have to other species? * How do the extinctions of other creatures affect humans directly and indirectly? * Should people give up

Environmental Assessment Theoretical Approach

As in all fields, multiple approaches towards environmental psychology exist. Select the theoretical approach you think makes the most sense. Explain the rationale behind your choice and provide an example of the application of this approach in real life.

Environmental Issues

Sewage and urban runoff can reach the coastline in crowded urban areas. To protect the health of swimmers from fecal contamination at beaches, public health officials routinely monitor the coastal waters for indicator organisms bacteria, such as fecal Coliform and Enterococcus. These organisms are naturally found in the intest

Ecology, Organisms, and Ecosystems

1. Tell how ecosystem, ecotone, landscape, biome, and biosphere are different from one another. 2. Name and describe the roles of the three main types of organisms that make up the biotic structure of every ecosystem. Give examples of organisms from each category. 3. In terms of energy, why are there unlikely to be

Health Effects That May Result from Exposure to UV Radiation

What are the environmental sources of exposure to UV radiation. Include the role of the ozone layer in your discussion. Describe the measures that you will suggest in your community to reduce the public's exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Describe how you would disseminate this educational information to the public.

Complexities of environmental regulations

Before suggesting public policies and/or laws for environmental concerns in your local area, you research another country that has had environmental problems, too, to see if you can learn anything from its problems and implemented solutions. -Decide and name which country which falls under this category. -Describe some of th

City Water vs. Well Water

With respect to drinking water quality, explain why it might be advantageous to live in the city where you have city drinking water. Conversely, explain why it might be advantageous to live outside of the city where you rely on your own well water.

Permanent Magnets

Please help with below questions regarding rare earth magnets (permanent magnets) Recycling What are the best recycling opportunities for the permanent magnets? Consider technical, logistical and economic feasibility. What are the current and projected levels of recycling? What areas of research and development will

National Park System

The National Park System must balance the need for environmental protection and ___. protecting game species. protecting endangered species. sustaining extractive resources such as timber. public access. historical use. Please explain thoroughly.

Endangered Species and Land Management

Zachary A. Smith argues that: "Endangered species ... is a federal land management problem as well as an important global environmental problem" (Smith, p. 240). Explain the connections between endangered species as defined by Smith and land management. With so much competition over multiple land use, is the endangered species s

Environmental Questions

1. What is intrinsic and instrumental value? In your opinion, does nature have intrinsic or instrumental value? 2. Do you believe that wildness is an important environmental value? Why, or why not?

Go Green - Go Bagless?

Considering the slogan "Go Green" and keeping in mind the Reusable Grocery Bags sold in markets everywhere; what are the pros and cons that you see in this latest trend? Give examples of the potential environmental impact. Please provide references to support this position.


What is biodiversity? What are some of the most biodiverse ecosystems on the globe and how are humans impacting it? Is maintaining biodiversity essential for human sustainability? What can be done to maintain today's current biodiversity levels? What are invasive species and how do they impact biodiversity?


Please write what people need to do to make the world greener through recycling. Please use these reference.

Fungi and greater plant diversity

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words. Briefly discuss the evidence supporting the relationship between the presence of fungi and greater plant diversity. What symbiotic association is the most likely basis for this relationship?

Environmental Education

One of the key methods of dealing with long term environmental problems is education. How can environmental problem-solving be developed in the classroom? What information and skills do students need to learn? What would be some initiatives to keep on learning about environmental topics?

Environment Management

1.Who should manage the natural resources, the legislature, the public, scientists, or special interest groups and why? 2.What incentives and assistance could the US offer Brazil or African countries to keep their tropical rain forests from further harm? Should they do anything at all? Why or why not? 3.How should we asses

The Environmental Impact of Dental Floss

The Environmental impact of dental floss 1. Is there a difference when determining how materials break down between wax or not wax? 2. What kind of mineral does it put back to the environment? 3. How is the materials used to make dental floss useful to the ecosystem? 4. Which brands make the better packages for dental floss?

Recycling center considerations

3. Assume that you plan to start a recycling center: a. How would you organize an effective recycling program? b. List the items likely to generate money for the program.

Waste Management

What does integrated solid waste management really mean and who is responsible for carrying it out

Emergency Preparedness

The sharing of lessons learned contained in the above articles has the potential to assist others in their emergency planning efforts. Would there be value in setting up a national database to capture lessons learned and make them more readily available to emergency management managers, advisory committees, other disciplines, a

Air pollutants

1.Choose one of the seven main types of air pollutants. Discuss its environmental effects (e.g. greenhouse gas), its health effects, and source(s). 2.Research and locate one website that you feel provides an accurate presentation of the research on global warming. Be sure to discuss an approach to deal with this growing pro