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    Necessity of protecting the environment

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    Why is it deemed necessary to protect the environment? What does it mean to society? To business? To the individual? To future populations?

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    Environmental protection is certainly an important concern for humankind. We belong to planet earth and hence it becomes our prime responsibility to protect it, preserve its resources for present and future generations. Earth is our home and we are part of something bigger than ourselves; if our house gets dirty we clean immediately similarly if the environment where we live and breathe gets dirty or polluted, it's our duty to protect it and make it clean and healthy. Environmental problems are becoming more and more complex and serious because of issues arising on a more global level like Global climate change and global warming due to ozone layer depletion, unpredictable weather, less rain due to deforestation, disrupted ecosystem etc. These are not myths; we cannot close our ...

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    The solution discusses the necessity of protecting the environment and what it means to do so.