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    Examining the Principles of Environmental Philosophies.

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    What is the most important principles of ecofeminism, pluralism, environmental pragmatism,and to identify which of these approaches best compliments our values and ethical beliefs regarding environmental issues.

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    This view of environmentalism is focused on the degradation of the environment as it directly relates to the attitudes and views leading to the repression of woman. Basically it is saying that the same attitudes that cause the repression of woman result in the destruction of the environment.

    The principles of ecofeminism include (from ref. 1):
    -Immanence: the source of the sacred in all aspects of the planet and her people
    -Interconnectedness: a belief in the inevitable relationship between all these aspects of the sacred, closely supported by the science of ecology
    -Unity-in-diversity: the need to respect difference and to value the whole as requiring all of its different ...

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    Several paragraphs with references describing the principles underlying ecofeminism, pluralism and environmental pragmatism.