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    Environmental impact/Externalities of delivered goods and services.

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    We often take for granted many of the products or services that we access on a daily basis because at first glance they seem inexpensive. Provide an example of such a product that upon further examination has wide-ranging impacts upon environmental health, with the poor bearing the brunt of this impact.

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    An externality is any cost associated with the use or production of a good or service. These costs are often not covered by the purchase price. For example, this morning I purchased a bottle of water from a popular doughnut shop. It is interesting to note that I was denied a cup of tap water per the company's policy. At any rate, let us consider the externalities of this bottle of water, that selling for $1.50, is quite inexpensive once one ...

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    Here I have provided an example of each a product and a service that remain a popular part of our culture due to their relatively inexpensive initial cost. Examining the externalities associated with these, one gains insight into social inequalities associated with their use.