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    Discussion in Public Service Delivered

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    1.What is a public service? What public services do you use on a daily basis? Why can certain services only be delivered by the public sector? Identify examples of the services which can only be delivered by the public sector.

    2. What is meant by a public policy environment? Why must government establish a public policy environment? Why must government define the legal environment for business?

    Please discuss with me each in about 400 words per question.

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    Public Service and Public Policy Environment

    Answer 1
    Public Service
    Public service is defined as a service provided by the government to the public either directly or through the public sector organizations. These are public goods in some cases that are provided to the public (Denhardt & Denhardt, 2007). In most of the cases, public services are services in real sense that serve the citizens. I avail different public services on a daily basis that helps me to carry out the routine activities in an effective and easy manner. These are as follows:
    Food pantry: Food pantry is a public service that I use on a daily basis.
    Transportation: Transportation service like buses, tempo etc. are also used on a daily basis.
    Telecommunication: It is an important public service that I use on a daily basis. For example telephone booths.
    There are certain specific services that can be only delivered through the public sector. As these services are not as steadily available to the common through the private sector, so to help the needy, it is essential to deliver these services through the public sector (Wimmer, 2004). These services are as follows:
    Volunteer fire department: Volunteer fire department related services can be only delivered through the public sector rather than the private sector. As the volunteer fire services are free of cost and this can be only done by the public sector. Private sector is profit ...

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