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    Resolution of issues pertaining to e-waste

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    What would you recommend to improve the resolution of the issues pertaining to e-waste? How would manufacturers, government, businesses, individuals play a role in resolving the e-waste problem.

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    The cost of recycling domestically has caused many recycling plants to ship e-waste overseas. This has disastrous environmental consequences, as these nations do not have strict environmental regulations or the technology to handle e-waste. Ideally all components would be recycled locally, which would also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated by transporting them.

    State and Federal government officials should take the lead in solving this problem. Because states do not require e-waste to handled as hazardous waste, mercury, lead, cadmium, and bromine go into municipal landfills. Local ...

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    Resolution of the e-waste problem will require manufactures, Federal government, state government, business, and individual participation.