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    Importing and Exporting

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    Please answer either yes or no and provide 2-3 paragraphs on each topic and along with references:

    1. "Exporting E-Waste: A Useful Solution?" Yes/No

    2. "Should Countries Limit Foreign Control of Key Industries?" Yes/No

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    Problem 1: "Exporting E-Waste: A Useful Solution?"
    No, exporting electronic waste (e-waste) is not a useful solution. This 'proactive' management of waste is similar to surreptitiously dumping your pile of leaves to your neighbor's backyard. Besides, some countries, especially in the third world, have enacted laws making e-waste dumping, which is usually done by industrialized countries, illegal.

    In the United States, the Responsible Electronics Recycling Act (RERA) of 2014 is ...

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    This solution discusses how importing and exporting are useful solutions. It goes into issues such as exporting e-waste and limiting foreign control of key industries. Yes or not answer to trade-related questions are given, and rationale for the answer is given. The explanations are 267 words in total with two references.