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Environmentally Friendly Businesses

Please show how you arrived at your recommendations

A new restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest, interested in making their operations environmentally friendly, has asked your advice about two measures:

a. They are considering using some synthetic building materials, which require relatively more energy and nonrenewable resources for their manufacture. Can your client justify it on environmental grounds?

b. Should they use paper towels or hot air dryers in their restrooms?

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This is a great question, one that highlights the difficulties in measuring the environmental impact of different activities and materials. I will rely on a few web resources I have seen in researching this material; I will give the website urls so you can look at them also.

First, when choosing to use synthetic materials in building a restaurant, there are many things to consider. One good thing to think about is the impact of the materials used initially in putting up the restaurant vs. the impacts of other practices in this business, like exclusively using locally produced organic food for as much of the product as possible. In the long term, this sort of thing could far outweigh any benefit of exclusively using "green" building materials. The use of energy and water saving appliances in a business like a restaurant could also have a huge ...

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