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Article Review - Carbon Dioxide: Don't Suffocate the Facts

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Decision-making using data is crucial to all businesses. However, the text notes that data analysis is often met with skepticism about the objectivity of published studies.

1. Using IWU's Online Campus Library Services (OCLS), locate any article that data is being questioned for its ethical integrity.

2. Comment on the issues involved and your critique of what a solution would have been.


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CO2 has been investigated and promoted as a more environmentally friendly gas for use as a
refrigerant in freezers and refrigerators. The substance was used years ago before the development of
fluorocarbons. The problem with fluorocarbons is that they pose a great risk to the environment,
particularly when they leak. Refrigeration systems are prone to developing leaks on occasion so the
issue is a serious one. While carbon dioxide is less harmful to the environment supporters are making
claims that parts involved in systems using CO2 refrigerant will become less costly as they become more
readily available. The assumption is that more supermarkets will consider moving to CO2 systems as
environmentalists demand the reduction in hydrofluorocarbon use.

Though many refrigeration experts claim carbon dioxide is less harmful to the environment they
also make claims ...

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