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    Analytical Summary: Increased CO2 Levels

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    Please access the following web site and read the article on "Environmental effects of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide" by Arthur B. Robinson et al. Take a closer look at the figures and based on the information given, write an analytical summary of what the author is describing and write what you think of authors' conclusion that there is no correlation between increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide during 20th and 21st century and deleterious effects on Earth's weather and climate .


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    Firstly, it's important to note that the reason articles such as this are written is because of the inherent uncertainty in science. Politicians are used to dealing with absolute truths, and scientists can't give us that, especially with something as complex as the atmosphere. So, some people have taken the liberty of using uncertainty as a basis for attacking the relationship between greenhouse gases and global warming.

    Certainly, there are plenty of reasons to wonder about which way the climate may go in the future. We need to keep an open mind and be willing to consider different ideas. However, evidence to the contrary needs to be well-researched and reasonable. This article, in my opinion, is neither. You should of course do whatever additional research you need to do in order to formulate your own opinion.

    Carefully researched articles will appear in peer reviewed journals. You will notice this one does not. When an author avoids the peer review process, it is usually because he has something to hide. I will mention those issues that seem most glaring. Let me know if some other aspect of the paper seems more interesting to you.

    We can be certain that human ...

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