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Environmental Contaminate Paper

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I am looking for an O.T.A to assist me in picking an essay topic for my Environmental Management class. The topic has to be on - A contaminant and it's effect on groundwater and the surrounding soil. It can be scneario based, or simply informational based.

Classmates of mine have picked topics such as, The Exxon Valdez spill and it's remediation, and Picking any Chemical compound, making a fake scenario and explaining what would happed to the surrounding soil and groundwater.

I am hoping an O.T.A can assist me in picking an interesting Topic that has a plethora of information. The paper has to be a maximum of 5 pages double-spaced. So I must be able to convey my information in the amount of space. I would appreciate any guidance any information they know on the topic, and where I could get further information.

I always like to be a little different- so uniqueness, interesting, and fresh is what I am looking for. It doesn't have to be absurdly technical.

I appreciate any help the O.T.A can offer.

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You can try groundwater contamination caused by the escape of leachate from landfills. This is part of environmental quality monitoring at landfills, so there are many ...

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This solution gives advice on writing a paper about an environmental contaminate and its effects.

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