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    Web Design

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    Web Application Development - Visual Studio.Net

    Create a database with a table called "tblStudents" and "tblLogin." This table should have the following columns. StudentID -Text (Primary Key.) LastName - Text. TelephoneNumber - Text. Level (e.g. "sophomore," "junior," etc.) The table, tblLogin, should have the following columns - ID - Autonumber (Primary K

    In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity.

    In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity. Search the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information on money management, person

    Software Coding and Design

    Create a database with a table called "tblMenu." This table has the following columns. ID -This is the Primary Key. It has a type of Autonumber. Font:- Text (Set this to unique value.) Add at least five fonts ("Arial", etc) to the "Font" column. Create a Visual Studio.NET 2005 web application with two aspx forms. Add a

    Design and coding

    Create a Visual Studio.NET 2005 web application with one aspx form. Place a CheckBoxList, TextBox, Button, and Label control on the form. Use a RequiredFieldValidator control that verifies the user entered a string in the Textbox control. Write an event handler that adds an item to the CheckBoxList control based on the conte

    Web development tools

    Compare the various web development tools available. What are some advantages and disadvantages of these tools?

    Develop the database design for RoboBoys

    Scenario: Jim and Tim are brothers who have a love of robots. They started a home based business called 'RoboBoys' where they custom build robots for fun, gifts, competition and decoration. Both men hold degrees in engineering and started doing this in their garage a year ago to escape the boredom of winter. Little did they kno

    Cyber Crime

    What motivates a person to commit cyber crime?

    Throughput of a slotted Aloha channel

    A group of stations share a 16 kbps slotted Aloha channel. Each station outputs a 80 Bytes frame and buffers any outgoing frames until they can be sent. Collectively (recall that this means original frames plus resending of frames that suffered a collision previously) the stations attempt to send 30 frames/sec. What is the throu

    TELNET Modes

    The following questions is related to TELNET. A user types cp file1 file2. What is the minimum number of TCP segments exchanged if the transfer uses the following mode. Explain your answer. i. default mode ii. character mode iii. line mode.

    Create a Chart Showing the Expenses

    Click on Expense Report 3, save it on your computer, and open it in Excel. Change the footer to display your name instead of Adam Smith's. In this exercise you are going to create a chart showing the expenses in the categories listed below. You first need to calculate the data in a summary section of your spreadsheet. Then,

    Linking to super encyclopedia

    It is possible to link every term and item in a web page to one super encyclopedia or dictionary so that you could expand on its definition or content? Is this a useful or practical idea? Discuss the consequences of implementing such an idea.


    ClickOnce is a new deployment technology for the .NET 2005 development platform. Precisely what is ClickOnce? What obstacle does it overcome and how? Provide an example of how you might use this technology.

    Input form design

    I need to design an input form that could be used to record information about a computer system problem in an instructional lab or a training facility. Include spaces on the form to record information such as: # system identification # date and time the problem was reported # Who reported the problem # description of the

    Creating web pages

    It is possible to create and edit web pages in a number of ways. For example, we could edit HTML tags by hand, use a visual editor such as Dreamweaver or use an HTML generator to edit a layout and then create the HTML from it. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of these three approaches. How would you ensure t

    Process of Changing Data in a Computer System

    What is the process of changing data before, during, or after it is entered into a computer system called? What is a small computer program stored on a World Wide Web server that is designed to run in conjunction with browser software called? List three objectives of a company's internal control system List three subcat

    Client-side scripting

    How can client-side scripting improve the performance of a web application? Post at least one example.

    In your own words define the term, scalability.

    In your own words define the term, scalability. Why is scalability important in a data-connected application? Which ADO.NET objects allow a developer to build a scalable application? Cite sources.

    What are the elements of budgets and estimates?

    What are the elements of budgets and estimates? Explain each of the elements. Budgets are actually cost estimates tied to detailed distribution of revenues. Dissimilar conservative monetary statements, revenue and defeat and cash flow statements, there is not a standardized format for a marketing budget, and yet, a budget is

    "How to Use JavaScript to Liven up your Web sit"

    "How to Use JavaScript to Liven up your Web site, how to protect users whose browsers will not load JavaScript. What is the tip? Should Web site designers write JavaScript code so all browsers can use it? Why?

    Student Library system design

    Electronic download for registered students. 1. Student visit library website. 2. Student search for downloadable resources. 3. Student input his student ID no. and date of birth. 4. Students submit information to library attendant system. 5. Library attendant request student to enter access code. 6. Library attendant fo

    Web mistakes are noted.

    Which mistakes have we experienced when designing a site or visiting a site? List the steps you would take to avoid the mistakes you listed.


    What are two two new innovations The New Internet"? How will they change the way consumers use the Internet Browswer Battles.

    Create a switchboard in Acces ++++

    Chris and Pat Aquino own a successful ISP (Internet Service Provider) and want to expand their business to host an Internet auction site. The auction site will let sellers offer items for sale, such as antiques, first-edition books, vintage dolls, coins, art, stamps, glass bottles, autographs, and sports memorabilia. After a sel

    Website roles

    Describe two Web site roles and explain their responsibilities.


    The article "Browser Wars" provides information on the most commonly used browsers. What is a browser, and what purpose does it serve for Internet users? Search engines use spiders to help rank Internet sites. "How to Put your Website Top of the Search Engine," what are some recommendations that will help improve a site's sea

    What is P3P and arguments in favor of P3P.

    Search the Web and answer the following questions regarding the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P). - Define P3P. - What is the W3C and what does it have to do with P3P? - List 3-4 arguments in favor of P3P and 3-4 arguments against it. - Summarize about P3P and present how this affects a website, website us

    Useful Information to develop a program

    Scenario: For many years, your Uncle Frank has been running a small landscaping business. Through these years, he acquired many steady clients and knew most of them on a first name basis. Once a month, after completing the work for that day, he would calculate (on the spot) how much the client owed for the month with servic

    Network Software Testing

    Part 1 Establish a testing process for your E-commerce business network (any E-commerce business). Describe the steps you will take in the testing process. The following can serve as guidelines: Which software package provides each service? For each service, develop a test to verify that it is working. How will you ch