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Web Design

Categories of Information Types

Information types can be characterized into one of four categories: audio, data, image, and video. Give an example from your own work or professional experience for each one and a website for resources that others can use.

Create Access Database

Chris and Pat Aquino own a successful ISP (Internet Service Provider) and want to expand their business to host an Internet auction site. The auction site will let sellers offer items for sale, such as antiques, first-edition books, vintage dolls, coins, art, stamps, glass bottles, autographs, and sports memorabilia. After a sel

"Saving" a Project

Suppose that you have been hired to "save" a project that is already over budget and past due. The project is still only half done. You have 20 programming teams working independently. Explain how you would go about saving this project - you can include all the things that you would need (hardware? Software? Management structure

Microsoft Word Document

1.In the header area add both the paper name and page numbers 2.Between your name and CSM101on the Cover Page insert the copyright symbol (©) and the current year 3.APA bullets can only be letter or numbers. Change all bullets to meet APA requirements 3.All direct quotes in the body of the work must be displayed in quotes an

Computer Science

You decide to report on popular non-profits' use of funds. When evaluating each philanthropic organization's reports, you pay specific attention to _______. A. the web master's use of design and color B. the printed brochures and written material C. percentage of funds devoted to charity D. the charity's goals and

Computer Language

1. Why does more than one computer language exist? 2. Why are most programs still in COBOL? 3. Leibs, (2008) reported on a novel form of outsourcing software development. Describe the approach and share your thoughts about this new approach to software development. - Leibs, S. (2008, January). Gaming the system. CFO, 2

Domain Name

Act as an IT consultant to a new nonprofit organization, Free Flu, which provides flu shots to the elderly. The organization needs a domain name. Use Internet resources to determine what domain name is available for the company. Judge whether you would use a .com, .org, or .net for the Web address. Differentiate between

Website design

Research how to secure a domain name and find a host for a website. Discuss website design basics; characteristics of well-designed websites; the structure of a website; and the Web accessibility issues.

Email and Email Protocols

Compare and contrast two of the following email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Pine, and Lotus Notes. Compare and contrast two of the following email protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP email, MIME and Uuencode.

Web Research for Browsers

Research three Web browsers. Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox (Mozilla) Explain how features of the browsers are similar to and different. Are there advantages or disadvantages to using this browser? Explain your reasoning

Three questions in regards to technology.

1.) What are some factors management should examine prior to approving a change in its company's technology? 2.) In regards to technology? Why should there be a detailed implementation/upgrade plan? Who should be involved in making this plan? 3.) Based on personal experience, describe some of the ways that a technology c

JavaServer Page: Day Greeting

1. Develop a JSP page that, based on the time of the day, will output either "Good morning" if the time is between 6am-12pm, "Good afternoon" if it is between 12pm-5pm, and "Good night" if it is between 5pm-6am. You will be able to validate this by changing the system clock. 2. Submit your JSP page along with the screenshots

Sample JavaServer Page Form

1. Develop a basic JSP page that will read in form values from the servlets; instead of accessing the form values from the servlet, change the action to the JSP page and let the JSP page output those values. 2. Submit your JSP page along with your screenshots that display what your code has produced

Hypertext Technology Design

1. Web pages are not printed pages. Hypertext technology enables Web pages to be processed by the viewer very differently from the same information in printed form. Should the same design rules apply? 2. How are the different features of Web pages emphasized or made more accessible through variations in design?

Web page - Acronym

Create a Web page named acronym.html that derives an acronym from a given phrase. The page should contain a button and a text box in which the user can enter the phrase. Once the user clicks the button, the page should call the Acronym function to construct the appropriate acronym and display it in a separate text box. See attac

Currency Conversion Application Development

Consolidate all the sections of the Currency Conversion development documentation: requirements, design, and testing. This application, similar to simple, practical programs on many travel or financial Web sites, includes the following elements: - Complete requirements analysis - Design - Verification - Validation and t

Poor Design and Typography

Browse the Web for examples of poor typography. Write a short design critique of why the type is confusing or misleading to the user. Create a document with screen shots from the Web page to accompany your critique.

Business Data Communications: Interior/Exterior Routing Protocol

Discuss the difference between an interior routing protocol and an exterior routing protocol. What are they, how are they both similar and different, why do we need both kinds of routing protocols, how might each be used, and provide the names of one or two routing protocols in each category. Please use Web references (not Wikip

Comparison of three web browsers

I cannot find any information on comparisons of these 3 web browsers. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am new to this class and not understanding it thus far. Thanks in advance! ****I need to research 3 web browsers-being, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape navigator. I need to compare them and lis

Free Flu Case Study: Webpage Consultant

Act as an IT consultant to a new nonprofit organization, Free Flu, which provides flu shots to the elderly. The organization needs a domain name. Use Internet resources to determine what domain name is available for the company. Judge whether you would use a .com, .org, or .net for the Web address. Differentiate between any Web

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Q1: PowerPoint gives users the ability to emphasize the points on a list with either numbers or bullets. Study the following statements, give a specific example where each would be more appropriate and justify your answers. It is best to use bullets instead of numbers when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide. It is best

FOCUS-Requirement for Efficient Testing Methods

Hi, I need assistance in the following problem please. Discuss web accessibility test from different browsers. We have a caveat on the following QA-FOCUS recommendations. What will be our opinion on this? How can we test whether our web sites could be easily accessed using different web browsers? (Of course, we can test th