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Web Design

Email and Email Protocols

Compare and contrast two of the following email clients: Outlook, Outlook Express, Hotmail, Eudora, Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Pine, and Lotus Notes. Compare and contrast two of the following email protocols: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, HTTP email, MIME and Uuencode.

Web Research for Browsers

Research three Web browsers. Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox (Mozilla) Explain how features of the browsers are similar to and different. Are there advantages or disadvantages to using this browser? Explain your reasoning

Three questions in regards to technology.

1.) What are some factors management should examine prior to approving a change in its company's technology? 2.) In regards to technology? Why should there be a detailed implementation/upgrade plan? Who should be involved in making this plan? 3.) Based on personal experience, describe some of the ways that a technology c

Currency Conversion Application Development

Consolidate all the sections of the Currency Conversion development documentation: requirements, design, and testing. This application, similar to simple, practical programs on many travel or financial Web sites, includes the following elements: - Complete requirements analysis - Design - Verification - Validation and t

Business Data Communications: Interior/Exterior Routing Protocol

Discuss the difference between an interior routing protocol and an exterior routing protocol. What are they, how are they both similar and different, why do we need both kinds of routing protocols, how might each be used, and provide the names of one or two routing protocols in each category. Please use Web references (not Wikip

Comparison of three web browsers

I cannot find any information on comparisons of these 3 web browsers. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am new to this class and not understanding it thus far. Thanks in advance! ****I need to research 3 web browsers-being, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Netscape navigator. I need to compare them and lis

Using Microsoft PowerPoint

Q1: PowerPoint gives users the ability to emphasize the points on a list with either numbers or bullets. Study the following statements, give a specific example where each would be more appropriate and justify your answers. It is best to use bullets instead of numbers when presenting a list on a PowerPoint slide. It is best

FOCUS-Requirement for Efficient Testing Methods

Hi, I need assistance in the following problem please. Discuss web accessibility test from different browsers. We have a caveat on the following QA-FOCUS recommendations. What will be our opinion on this? How can we test whether our web sites could be easily accessed using different web browsers? (Of course, we can test th

Scope Creep

Define scope creep. Illustrate scope creep with reference to a project you know about. Could the scope creep be avoided? Can scope creep be a good thing and under what circumstances?

Web Sites - Exemplary Design Features

Need to locate two web sites that is exhibit exemplary design features. why select these two web sites. what design features stand out on each site? Are these features unique to the websites selected or are they used by thier competitors or similar sites? Are these design features used to be visual appealing or promote usabl

Design printed report & display output

1. Following is a log sheet for a patient information system used by nurses at a convalescent home to record patient visitors and activities during their shifts. Design a printed report that provides a summary for the charge nurse of each shift and a report for the activities coordinator at the end of the week. Be sure to use

Description of a software development process

Find a description of a software development process, preferably with a description on the web. There are many processes; some examples include the Rational Unified Process (RUP), OPEN, eXtreme Programming, SCRUM, RWSP and DSDM. Write an abstract of about six to ten paragraphs that summarises the process. Additionally, in one to

Effect of the Web

Write a 1-2 screen prediction on what effects you think the Web, and in particular, the enormous amount of documents accumulating on the Web will play in your life, and your children's life in the future. I deals with the effect of Web and the role it is going to play in the future. How will web actually change our lives? Or

Creating an excel spreadsheet

Details: In this project, you will create an expense report for a company's sales force, then save it. To view these instructions while you work in Excel, do either of the following: Print this page of instructions or move back and forth between this page and Excel by clicking each application's button on the Windows taskbar

Web Application Development - Visual Studio.Net

Create a database with a table called "tblStudents" and "tblLogin." This table should have the following columns. StudentID -Text (Primary Key.) LastName - Text. TelephoneNumber - Text. Level (e.g. "sophomore," "junior," etc.) The table, tblLogin, should have the following columns - ID - Autonumber (Primary K

In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity.

In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity. Search the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information on money management, person

Web development tools

Compare the various web development tools available. What are some advantages and disadvantages of these tools?

Develop the database design for RoboBoys

Scenario: Jim and Tim are brothers who have a love of robots. They started a home based business called 'RoboBoys' where they custom build robots for fun, gifts, competition and decoration. Both men hold degrees in engineering and started doing this in their garage a year ago to escape the boredom of winter. Little did they kno

Create a Chart Showing the Expenses

Click on Expense Report 3, save it on your computer, and open it in Excel. Change the footer to display your name instead of Adam Smith's. In this exercise you are going to create a chart showing the expenses in the categories listed below. You first need to calculate the data in a summary section of your spreadsheet. Then,

Linking to super encyclopedia

It is possible to link every term and item in a web page to one super encyclopedia or dictionary so that you could expand on its definition or content? Is this a useful or practical idea? Discuss the consequences of implementing such an idea.

Creating web pages

It is possible to create and edit web pages in a number of ways. For example, we could edit HTML tags by hand, use a visual editor such as Dreamweaver or use an HTML generator to edit a layout and then create the HTML from it. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of these three approaches. How would you ensure t

Client-side scripting

How can client-side scripting improve the performance of a web application? Post at least one example.

In your own words define the term, scalability.

In your own words define the term, scalability. Why is scalability important in a data-connected application? Which ADO.NET objects allow a developer to build a scalable application? Cite sources.