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1.In the header area add both the paper name and page numbers
2.Between your name and CSM101on the Cover Page insert the copyright symbol (©) and the current year
3.APA bullets can only be letter or numbers. Change all bullets to meet APA requirements
3.All direct quotes in the body of the work must be displayed in quotes and include an in-text citation. The reference at the end of the quote should include the author's last name and year of publication followed by a period. E.g. (Mensch, 2009)
4.The first reference on the last page by Blake, C., Blackwell, C., & Gibson, J. is in proper APA style. Format all other reference to match this required APA style. The reference page should be on its own individual page
5.Make a table with 7 rows and 2 columns. In row 1 merge the cells and add in the heading Major Events Shaping Program Criteria. Take the data in red and place it in the table. The dates should be in one column with the description in the corresponding column. Make sure to change the text to black font type when completed
6.Make the entire document 12 font, Times New Roman, and indent all new paragraphs

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