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    Web Research for Browsers

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    Research three Web browsers. Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox (Mozilla)

    Explain how features of the browsers are similar to and different.

    Are there advantages or disadvantages to using this browser?

    Explain your reasoning

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    WEB Browsers--- A comparison and review

    As the internet started to be the sole of computer science and communication industry, there was a war between the choices of web browser. First of all, what the web browser is and how it evolved with the time. Web browser is client side software in order to contact with the server. The web browser sends request to the server and receives the response of the request from the server and then displays the page / result obtained from the web server. It consists of html, dhtml, php, css, JavaScript enabled in it. Finally we will move to the history of web browsers and their war.


    There was a long time ago when the Netscape dominated the market and version 3 was the most popular web browser in the market. It had dominated the market for quite that time in the history. It was so popular that bill gates even thought of not producing any web browser along with the operating system of windows. But after a long tussle, windows launched its own web browser internet explore in the market embedded along with the operating system. Then stated the war between ie and ...

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    The expert explains how features of the browsers are similar to and different. The advantages or disadvantages of using a browser is determined.