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Web Design

What are the elements of budgets and estimates?

What are the elements of budgets and estimates? Explain each of the elements. Budgets are actually cost estimates tied to detailed distribution of revenues. Dissimilar conservative monetary statements, revenue and defeat and cash flow statements, there is not a standardized format for a marketing budget, and yet, a budget is

Student Library system design

Electronic download for registered students. 1. Student visit library website. 2. Student search for downloadable resources. 3. Student input his student ID no. and date of birth. 4. Students submit information to library attendant system. 5. Library attendant request student to enter access code. 6. Library attendant fo


What are two two new innovations The New Internet"? How will they change the way consumers use the Internet Browswer Battles.


The article "Browser Wars" provides information on the most commonly used browsers. What is a browser, and what purpose does it serve for Internet users? Search engines use spiders to help rank Internet sites. "How to Put your Website Top of the Search Engine," what are some recommendations that will help improve a site's sea

What is P3P and arguments in favor of P3P.

Search the Web and answer the following questions regarding the Platform for Privacy Preferences Project (P3P). - Define P3P. - What is the W3C and what does it have to do with P3P? - List 3-4 arguments in favor of P3P and 3-4 arguments against it. - Summarize about P3P and present how this affects a website, website us

Useful Information to develop a program

Scenario: For many years, your Uncle Frank has been running a small landscaping business. Through these years, he acquired many steady clients and knew most of them on a first name basis. Once a month, after completing the work for that day, he would calculate (on the spot) how much the client owed for the month with servic

Network Software Testing

Part 1 Establish a testing process for your E-commerce business network (any E-commerce business). Describe the steps you will take in the testing process. The following can serve as guidelines: Which software package provides each service? For each service, develop a test to verify that it is working. How will you ch

We start with the equation

Please check my work and give me the correct answer. Thank you. We start with the equation: X1^2-6*X1+2=0 X1(1)=1-6+2=(-3) X1(2)+9-6*(-3)+2=29 X1(3)=29^2-6*29+2=841-174+2=669 X1(4)=669^2-6*669+2=443549 X1=1/3+1/29+1/669+1/443549= .3333333+.0344828+.0014947+.00000023=.369311 This is approximately equal to

Power Systems 2---13051

Please check my work. My answer is C. Here is my work Zr=8+j18+-j1/12=8+j17.916 I=V/Zt=200/(8+17.91)=200/19.62angle65.9 =10.19angle(-65.9+30+ =10.19angle-36 While none of the answers matched this, I chose C because the angle was correct.

DATA COMMUNICATIONS - Determining Source/Destination Addresses

This is a two-part question: Part 1: Accessing a computer in your own subnet. You are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser on the CLIENT computer located in building 'A' to look at a web page on the web server located in building A ( Assume that your system

College computer Introducing windows & word - Help with assignment

In this assignment, you will find and critique virtual information and word processing skills to create a professional-looking one-page document that promotes personal development or financial growth and maturity. Search the AIU Cybrary and the Internet for information on a topic that interests you and that offers information

Finite automata

Assuming Σ = { a,b }, build an FA that accepts only those words that do not end with ba.

Excel S4-P2

1. Make A11 the active cell and then create a style named Headings that will apply the following formatting attributes: ? Center alignment ? 11-point Lucida Sans Bold ? Light Yellow fill color 2. Apply the Headings style to the remaining column headings in the worksheet. 3. Create another style named Costumes that will appl

ASP & VBScript

Website for a company called Using ASP and VBScript, Design a simple site to showcase a few products (books, CD's etc). A couple of different categories populated with products. In addition, this site will need a B2B portion. Solve this using any XML technology you choose. This site needs to support the fo


Download a trial version of FrontPage or Dreamweaver. Rebuild your website using these tools.

Vertical Frames

Insert a vertical frames set document in the website to display three different poems (any) of your favorite poet. Submit the URL for the website.


On the time line below, show how a client establishes a connection with a server for TCP port number 23. Please see attached.

Societal Issues

Suppose you operate a Web site for backpackers with a few thousand paid members. Members discuss equipment, trip location, safe and related subjects. They also use the site to plan specific trips and find compatible trip companions. Discuss what policies and procedures you would implement to deal with the problem of members post