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Shell scripting: Loops and Redirection

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Give brief answers for the following Bash questions.

1) Does filename generation occur on variable assignment?

2) In the traditional Bourne Shell, does a sub-shell get created when there is I/O redirection to a loop?

3) Will the following command always correctly loop through each of the positional parameters?

for I in "$*"
echo $I

4) Will the following loop always execute only once?

for I in "$@"
echo $I

5) Will the following command sometimes execute once?

for I do echo $I done

6) Does a while loop always execute at least once?

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1) It can happen, depending upon the right hand side of the assignment. For example, an assignment like following will create a file during the variable ...

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Solution also gives reasons/examples (except in case of 2nd question).

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