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    Linux shell script to compute the bonus for a salesperson

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    Convert the following pseudocode into a Bash script:

    - Read SalesPerson and QuarterlySales from the keyboard.
    - Display an appropriate message regarding the bonus when the QuarterlySales for the SalesPerson falls within these ranges:
    $1,000,000 and above : Bonus = $1,500
    $100,000 to $999,999 : Bonus = $750
    $99,999 and below : No Bonus

    Test the script with the following data:
    Mike 67000
    Bob 99000
    Peter 100000
    Lisa 250000
    Joan 999999
    Mary 1000000.

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    Please "chmod +x" the attached script (156620.sh) to turn on the executable bit, ...

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    Solution gives a well commented Bash script that computes the bonus for one salesperson in one execution of the script. Implementation uses if-then-else and here-document features of Bash scripting.