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Shell scripting: few questions related to I/O redirection

1. Will the following only print the text "I FOUND A MATCH" to standard output when the grep is successful?

if grep "mrichard" /etc/passwd; then echo "I FOUND A MATCH"; fi

2. Does the following command send both standard output and standard error to the same file for the command cmd1?

cmd1 2>&1 >outfile

3. Does cmd2 receive both the standard error and standard output of cmd1 as standard input?

cmd1 2>&1 | cmd2

4. Will the script below always print out the text 'They are the same' assuming the script ran under the Bourne shell?


if [ ! -s "$infile" ]
exit 1

linecnt=`wc -l $infile | while read cnt rest
echo $cnt

while read line
mycnt=`expr $mycnt + 1`
done < $infile

if [ $linecnt -eq $mycnt ]
echo They are the same
echo They are different.

5. Does the standard output of this script get sent to STDOUT?


exec 4>&1
exec 1>&2
exec 2>&4
exec 4>&-
echo Hello
echo More text

6. Is the visible output of this script, the text 'Hello'?


exec 4>&2
exec 2>&1
exec 1>&4
exec 4>&-
echo Hello
) 2> /dev/null

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1. No. It will also print all the lines containing mrichard.

2. No. It sends only standard output to outfile, because the standard error was duplicated as standard output (i.e. file descriptor 2 was made to be a copy of file descriptor 1) before standard output redirection.

3. Yes. ...

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