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Create a Visual Studio.NET 2005 web application with one aspx form. Place a CheckBoxList, TextBox, Button, and Label control on the form. Use a RequiredFieldValidator control that verifies the user entered a string in the Textbox control.

Write an event handler that adds an item to the CheckBoxList control based on the contents of the TextBox control when the user presses the button. Write another event-handler that automatically displays the number of items selected by the user every time they select/deselect an item in the CheckBoxList control. (Hint: Use the AutoPostBack property).

When you have a working application, set the RequiredFieldValidator control's EnableClientScript property to "false." Place a MS Word document in your project folder that explains the behavior of the application when this property is set to "false." Please make sure the RequiredFieldValidator control's EnableClientScript property is set to "true" before placing the project in your drop box.

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