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Student Library system design

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Electronic download for registered students.

1. Student visit library website.
2. Student search for downloadable resources.
3. Student input his student ID no. and date of birth.
4. Students submit information to library attendant system.
5. Library attendant request student to enter access code.
6. Library attendant forward the information to student database for processing.
7. Student database identify student Account with his Student ID and date of Birth.
8. Student database send access code to students emails on file and store a copy.
9. Students receive access code by email.
10. Student input the access code and submit to library attendant.
11. Library attendant forward the access code to student database for authentication.
12. Student database match the access code submitted with the stored copy and approved student access to download if access code is correct

Alternative: at step 12 Student database match the access code submitted with the stored copy and decline student access to download if access code is wrong.

1. Student
2. Library Attendant System
3. Student Database System.

1. Draw the Use case Draw Class Diagram
2. Draw Sequence diagram
3. Draw Collaboration diagram

NOTE: include, use case relationship, use case generalization, and extend features must be included.

Students have restricted access to educational recourses in the online library, only registered students are allowed to access the online library (Precondition). Student visit the online library website and enter his student's id no and date of birth and the student submit, this information will be passed to the library system, and the library system will store the information and forward a copy to the student database confirm if the student is registered to use the online library.
The student database will use the students ID and his date of birth to bring up his account and then identify the email address associated with his account and then send a random access code to the student's email address as stated in his account.
The student check his email and receive the access code and then input the access code on the screen as requested by the library system.
The library system will receive the access code and will forward it to the student database to verify if the access code entered is the same as the one sent by email to the student. If it is correct, the student database will return success to the library attendant who further allow student access to download otherwise access will not be allowed.

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