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    Levels of computer access

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    Why is there a need for different levels of access in computers? Give some examples (Security, passwords, etc.).

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    Why is there a need for different levels of access in computers? Give some examples. (Security, passwords, etc)
    Security of computer systems be it web-based or otherwise, is an essential part of operations and functionality. When or if a system is insecure in one or more ways the threat or vulnerability factor increases the risk of being attacked by viruses, worms, unauthorized access, corruption of data, or similar events. This is the main reason access in computers needs to be established, however it needs to be at different levels. The security requirements actually determine the various levels of access a computer system must have. An attempt is made to identify various levels and why they need to be considered for a secure system herewith:
    1. Identification: A user must ...

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