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    Testing Project Outline and Systems Review

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    Prepare a Testing Project Outline and Systems Review. Your submission should include the following (all in one document):

    A business letter addressed to the board of the Jonesville Library introducing the contents of the document
    A project outline and systems review summary that includes the following:
    A description of the Jonesville Library business
    A description of the new system approved for development
    A summary of the major systems and phases components you will be testing
    The estimated costs and timeframe for the new system to be tested

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    A Detailed Report on

    Project Outline
    Testing and System Review

    Submitted on 30th Dec 2006

    Business Letter

    The Director/Manager/Respected Friend
    Sub: Project Outline, testing and system review

    Respected Sir and Madam,
    As you know that testing is the important phase of the system development life cycle. Without proper testing, all the work of the system development would go in the bin. The processing document is consist of the project outline which is running currently and the disadvantages which can arise due to the usage of the current system. Due to insufficient working of the current system, the system have to replace with the new system, so for more explanation, the detailed description of the proposed solution is also given out.
    The document is consist of the following
    • Meaning of system review and need of system review
    • Meaning and objectives of the system Testing
    • Characteristics of good testing system
    • Description of the Jonesville Library Business
    o Item in which the library is dealing
    o Advantages if you are the member of system
    o Hardware platform of the current system.
    o Disadvantage related to current system.
    • Description of the propose solution
    o Database management system
    o Advantages of database management system
    o Concepts of programming language
    o Factors, which should be kept in mind while choosing the programming language.
    • System Testing Project Plans
    o Types of testing
     Recovery Testing
     Stress Testing
     Security Testing
     Performance Testing
    • Testing of various fields on various modules.
    • Cost estimates for testing.

    Meaning of the system Review
    This is the last phase of the system development life cycle and consists of the review of the system or the 'post audit' as it is sometimes known. This is basically carried out by a group consisting of the representatives from the user department, internal audit and the data processing. Its basic purpose is to see that whether the system has met its objectives or not. This will comprise a comparison of the actual cost and benefit against the original estimates, a review of how well the system is performing generally, a system review of requests for changes and examination of the documentation, control and security procedures and back-up arrangements. The review system examines how the system development process was conducted. Two major questions are asked.
    • Is the system itself proper?
    • Was the system developed properly?
    To decide if the system itself is proper, the user must be consulted to find out if the system is providing the information they need in the correct form. To determine if the system was developed properly, reviewers might look at how well the system is working, how much time the programmer and the analyst spent in developing the system, and whether the system development was conducted on schedule. Interestingly, this may mark the beginning of another project. Deficiencies in the system lead to another life cycle, as the reviewers find themselves asking. "Are the changes worthwhile? What should they look like? How should they made, programmed, and implemented? Were they done correctly?

    Meaning of the system Testing
    The objectives of the system testing is to ensure that all the individual programs are working as expected, that the programs, link together to meet the requirements specified and to ensure that the computer system and associated clerical and other procedure work together. The initial phase of the system testing is the responsibility of the analyst who determines what conditions are to be tested, generates the test data, produce a schedule of the expected result, runs the test data and compare the computer-produced results with the expected results. The analyst may also be involved in the procedure testing. When the analyst is satisfied that the system is working properly, he hands over it to the users for testing. The importance of the system testing by the user ...

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